Our IPv6 enabled services

We, in BT, continue to manage efficiently our allocation of IPv4 address space and are also taking the necessary steps to manage a transition to IPv6. We are committed to the development and support of IPv6 on our networks and services and have a programme of investment in our network and systems over the next few years.

During 2012/13, we will be working to deliver on our plans for full introduction of IPv6 to our Global and UK platforms, including hardware and system upgrades.

Internet Connect

Our market leading Internet Connect service in the UK is now IPv6 enabled for all new services. It will be offered with dual stack capability and so will recognise both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It is one of the first services in the UK to do so. This additional capability is on top of an uncontended services which offers 100% SLA, flexible bandwidths and additional security options.
Internet Connect Global is also IPv6 enabled for key countries across the globe and this coverage is increasing throughout this year.

VPN Services

Our networks will be IPv6 enabled by the end of March 2013. Our BT wide programme to support our transition to IPv6 means sees us investing tens of millions of pounds. The other services that we offer will progressively move to a dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 capability over the next 24 months.

  • Our IP Connect UK wires only will be available during late 2012
  • IP Connect UK  and Global managed will be enabled by the end of March 2013
  • And of course, since our Ethernet Connect VPN service operates at the layer below IP address management, it is by its very nature IPv6 ready.
  • Other parts of our portfolio e.g. BT Contact etc. will become IPv6 enabled in our in 2013/2014  financial year

BT IPv6 links