BT & IPv6, Helping Customers Thrive in a Changing World

We, in BT, continue to manage efficiently our allocation of IPv4 address space and are also taking the necessary steps to manage a transition to IPv6. We are committed to the development and support of IPv6 on our networks and services and have a programme of investment in our network and systems over the next few years.

We have been working on our plans for full introduction of IPv6 to our Global and UK platforms, including hardware and system upgrades.

World IPv6 launch - the Future is foreverWe took part in World IPv6 Launch in June 2012. To find out about how we can help you migrate to IPv6 go to our BT Diamond IP site and to find out our own roadmap to a fully enabled IPv6 portfolio visit Our IPv6 Enabled Services.

We have also collaborated with a key European customer to v6 enable their website content for World Ipv6 Day and beyond. In addition, access to IPv6 content for a selected number of BT Retail broadband customers is available.

For most of you, IPv6 will be indistinguishable from services delivered using IPv4 and make no difference to the service you receive. We will support you whether you are connected via IPv4 or IPv6 for many years to come.